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Our Cookie Policy is intended to describe the types of cookies used by the website (hereinafter "Site"), the purposes of the installed cookies and the ways in which the User can select or deselect cookies on the Site and use the services offered.

We use cookies to make our site easier and more intuitive. The data collected through cookies are used to make the browsing experience more enjoyable and more efficient in the future.


Cookies are small text strings that the applications visited by the User send to their terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored before being sent back to the same applications at the next visit by the same User.

With the term cookies we want to refer both to the same cookies and to all similar technologies.

Cookies are used to access the online services more quickly and to improve User's browsing by monitoring sessions, storing user information, uploading content faster, etc.


Cookies can be:

First-party cookies: are the proprietary cookies used by the Site in order to allow the User to navigate more efficiently and / or monitor the actions exercised by the same;

Third-party cookies: are cookies set by a site other than the one you are currently visiting in order to allow the User to navigate more efficiently and / or monitor the actions exercised by the same.

Furthermore, we distinguish different types of cookies:

Technical and analytical cookies: are cookies related to activities strictly necessary for the operation and provision of the service (eg session cookies for logging in), cookies related to the activity of saving preferences and optimization (eg cookies to save the cart or language / currency choices, etc.), analytical cookies to collect information in an anonymous and aggregate form.

Technical cookies include:

Session or Navigation cookies: they are used to track User activity on the web. They guarantee the normal navigation and use of the Site, allowing for example to surf more quickly, to make a purchase or to authenticate to access restricted areas, and are in fact necessary for its proper operation;

Functionality Cookies: they allow the User to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase, etc.) in order to improve the service provided;

Analytical Cookies: used to collect information on the use of the Site. The Data Controller uses this information for statistical analysis, to improve the Site and simplify its use, as well as to monitor its correct functioning. This type of cookie collects anonymous information on the activity of Users on the Site and the way in which they arrived at the Site and the pages visited. Cookies in this category are sent from the site itself or from third-party domains.


Analytical cookies can be:

Analytical cookies of the first part: similar to the regulatory technical cookies if used directly by the owner of the site without profiling the User but only to collect information, in aggregate and anonymous, the number of Users and how they visit the Site for statistical purposes and to improve the performance of the Site;

Analytical cookies of third part: they are made available by third parties and are assimilated to technical cookies if the third parties are not profiling the User through the use of appropriate tools to reduce the power of identification of cookies (for example, through the masking significant portions of the IP address) and without intersecting the information collected with others already available.

For technical cookies only the release of the Cookie Policy is required without the need to request consent. Disabling or deleting the same, by accessing the functions of your browser, could compromise the optimal navigation on this Site.

Profiling cookies: they are used to monitor the User's web browsing and to create a profile of his habits:

Profiling cookies of first part: installed by the Owner to create profiles related to the User in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown during surfing the net. Given their particular invasiveness in the private sphere of users, the applicable law requires that the User, after adequate information on the use of the same, must express their consent;

Profiling cookies of third part: used by third parties who access the information in clear text, therefore not in anonymous and aggregated mode, and cross them with other data already in their possession. The Site does not have direct control of individual third-party cookies. The User is therefore invited to check the information on cookies on the website of the third party.

The use of these cookies requires the acquisition of the prior consent of the User


The cookies on this site are:

technical and analytical cookies necessary for the operation of the Site, for aggregated statistical analysis, to improve and simplify the use of the Site and to save browsing preferences and optimize the User's browsing experience;

first-party profiling cookies that collect information by tracing the User's browsing data, set by the Owner for the following purposes: analyze the navigation choices of registered users;

third-party cookies that may perform profiling and tracking of the User even without the knowledge of the owner. For more information, please read carefully the privacy policies of the individual services listed below.

Below is a list of third-party cookies on this site:

Google Analytics with anonymized IP
Cookie name_ga, _gat, _gid
Google Analytics is a service provided by Google Inc. that uses cookies to measure visits to the Site and any purchases made for analysis purposes. The IP address of the Users will be anonymized.
For more information, see:


Privacy disclaimer
Cookie name_fmalert
Used to show or not the privacy disclaimer.
This cookie remains on your computer or electronic device for a period of 30 days.


Cookie name: _ACYBA
Address management and sending of e-mail messages. These services allow you to manage a database of e-mail contacts, telephone contacts or contacts of any other type, used to communicate with the User. These services may also allow us to collect data relating to the date and time the messages are displayed by the User, as well as to the User's interaction with them, such as information on clicks on the links inserted in the messages. The newsletter service is reserved for certain categories of registered users. To provide and manage this service, the Owner uses the services and tools provided by Acymailing. For more information on the processing of personal data by Acymailing, the Owner advises to carefully consult the following link:


My Maps Location
Cookie name: NID and PREF
The cookie detects the user's location at the time he performs a search, the cookie is disabled at the end of the session unless the user is already logged in to Google.
For more information, see:


Cookies have a duration dictated by the expiration date or by a specific action such as closing the browser set at the time of installation. Cookies can be:

temporary or session: they are used to store temporary information, allow you to connect the actions performed during a specific session and are removed from the computer when the browser is closed;

Persistent: they are used to store information, such as the login name and password, in order to avoid the user having to type them again each time he visits a specific site. These remain stored on your computer even after you close the browser.

Profiling cookies are stored on the User's device for a period not exceeding 12 months. At the end of this term the user will be presented with the banner through which it will be necessary to express consent to the use of cookies.

The User's ability to modify the choices made at any time remains unaffected.


For cookies that require consent, at the first visit of the site the user automatically displays a banner, containing both the link to this complete information and the request for consent to the use of cookies.
At any time you can change or revoke your consent.


Users can manage their cookie preferences directly in their browser and prevent third parties from installing cookies.

Through the browser preferences you can also delete cookies installed in the past, including the cookie in which it was possibly saved consent to the installation of cookies by this site. Disabling all cookies, the operation of this site may be compromised .

The User can find information and exercise his right to object to the tracking of cookies in his browser at the following addresses:

Internet Explorer:;

Google Chrome:;

Mozilla Firefox;


Apple Safari:

In addition, you can proceed with the cancellation of cookies by requesting the opt-out directly to third parties or through the site, where you can manage the tracking preferences of most advertising tools.

To change the settings related to Flash cookies you can click on the following link


Users may exercise certain rights with reference to the Data processed by the Data Controller. In particular, the User has the right to:

  • withdraw consent at any time;
  • oppose the processing of your data;
  • access your data;
  • verify and request rectification;
  • obtain treatment limitation;
  • obtain the cancellation or removal of their Personal Data;
  • receive your data or have them transferred to another holder;
  • propose a complaint to the personal data protection supervisory authority and / or act in court.


To exercise their rights, Users can direct a request to the contact details of the Owner indicated in this document. Requests are made free of charge and processed by the Data Controller as soon as possible, in any case within 30 days.

To exercise these rights, write to the Owner MASCAGNI CASA S.R.L, via Porrettana 383 - 40033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO) or to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further information regarding the processing of data can be found at the following link:

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